Web design and internet marketing

So often clients have a nice web site designed and have not thought about leaving some budget aside for internet marketing. The amount of effort and thought that goes into the design, both from the client and the developer, can be impressive. Some may have chosen to develop their own site with excellent web design software like this. But without customers, the site will rarely perform as expected, and of course, a designer is hardly going to say to his client “Please leave aside 30% or 40% of what you are paying me, to do some marketing of your site”.
So the onus falls on the company owner to stop and take a breath.
He or she shoud be asking ” How am i going to get customers to my website?”
and “How am I going to do seo on my pages?”. Many local marketers offer excellent seo services like WebsiteWizards in Newark, where they run free reports on your site.

web design Web design and internet marketing

In years gone by a customer would be impressed by a product feed that contained a series of product images and corresponding texts and then have them uploaded to the site.
But even then that would not be nearly enough to differentiate him from the next website.
And today this still seems to be the case.
So if you want to make your site have any chance at all of attaining seo rankings start asking yourself these questions:
“How can i differentiate my photos so they are not the same as everyone else’s ?”
“What can I do to text to make it different?”
Yes it’s a big task, but this is your site and any work you spend on this now, will make a big difference downstream when other sites who do not know any better, simply load up a product feed from their supplier and expect ranking as a result.