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Autoresponder strategies

A totally different approach to working your customers is to put some time and effort into list building. Here we will typically have an existing list of customers who we deal with. Sometimes this list can be several hundred or a few thousand names and emails. This is fertile ground for working up more sales. Many times site owners overlook this valuable asset hidden somewhere in their site e.g. if its an ecommerce site there will be a list of custoemr names, addresses and emails.
In this case our first task is to extract these emails from the database and add them to an autoresponder. The autoresponder will now be used in our customer list building efforts.

So let’s say we are going to run some event or product promotion. We would set a date for the launch or a date when it ends then blast out this info to our customers.
We are going to make our offer enticing to get them to come and look. So it needs to be a genuine one. This will cost us the price of a discount but when we get their visit and their sale, we can go on to offer them an associated produvt at full margin.
Taking these 2 together it can be far better than getting no repsonse whatosoever from your site.