Local search for web sites

With the all encompassing effect of info on the web, local search is a growing industry, where local enterprises and services own their own place at the top of google. The extra effect in 2015, is the addition to the market of mobile phones when searching locally. Now customers expect info such as location, telephone, exact travel directions etc. to get to specific places They are no longer prepared to go visit a place without having this info to hand. At all costs, they want to avoid the intense frustration of arriving at a shop to find out an item is no longer in stock or the store is shut.

In order to avoid this they will take the time to search out all this info on their mobile. Further to this, they will use Google exentsions when in the search, so that if a possible destination comes up , they can hit a button on their mobile and be automatically connected, without having to remember the digits.

Recent research tells us that up to 50% of local searches are carried out on mobile. This is actually something a good operator can use to their advantage. Just by keeping their website up to date with all this info , they can harness the moving searcher, those potential customers on the move, seeking info and very likely to come and see you the same day of their search. The research also confirms that most will visit their target within 24 hours and many the same day.

So what’s the opportunity in this for you?

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