SEO for ecommerce

As SEO has developed, the techniques for each type of website optimzation have also changed. With ecommerce we are usually talking several hunderds or thousands of products, and these are usually categororized or departmentalized. So we are not looking initially to rank for 1 product or keyword. So let’s start with our top selling category and work on that.

If we happen to be selling costumes then our first catyegory might be batman costumes.
So our link building campaign shoud be targetting everything to do with Batman and that can be the TV series, a film, books, themes etc. What we need to do is get a series of links to this inner category p0age. What happens from then on is that power is passed from the main category page that contains, say, 40 products. Each one of these products wil pick up some power from the batman category page.
If we do a good job of link building and optimization, we would expect this category page to start ranking in Google.
Eventualy some of the internal product pages will also start to rank as well.

In order to find potential linkers, we need to use the services of back link reporting service such as majesticseo or ahrefs.
Plugin in your top competitor into one of those and you will get a list of sites to approach.This is a long task and takes time. Some sites will be blogs, news sites etc and ideally you want someone who already accepts links on his or her blog. Sometimes for the price of a good 3 or 400 word article the site owner wiill accept your article and inside it of course, is a link to your batman costumes category page. And so you continue.

Many businesses are happy to delegate this work to an SEO agency because it is time consuming.

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